6 Key considerations when choosing a chauffeur car service

6 Key considerations when choosing a chauffeur car service

Hiring a corporate chauffeur service is becoming more and more popular, not only because of its convenience, privacy and punctuality but also its high quality standard that is designed for your busy lifestyle. However, hiring a corporate chauffeur service is different from hiring a taxi or an Uber.

A person that takes care in their appearance is more likely to take pride in the role they do.

1. Punctuality

Corporate chauffeur companies assure their cars will come 100% on time. Thanks to the booking system, the travel itinerary is given to the driver as soon as the booking is completed and managed strictly by a travelling monitor. The availability of the vehicles also allows chauffeur company to arrange an available car for a new booking to make sure no booking is missed.

2. Safety

Any respected chauffeur or company should put the safety of their clients above all else. Drivers should be fully licensed and have a good understanding of road safety and be fully trained. Assuring a clients’ safety is one of the biggest deciding factors for people looking for a chauffeur.

3. Etiquette

Working closely with clients means they might be privy to conversations or information that are confidential. This means that discretion is one of the most important parts of being a chauffeur. Chauffeurs will usually adapt their behaviour and to suit each clients needs, whether their client is chatty or formal. Usually during a first meeting you’ll be able to tell the etiquette of the chauffeur driver you choose.

4. Appearance

Professional chauffeurs will always look clean, tidy and smartly dressed. A person that takes care in their appearance is more likely to take pride in the role they do. It is not just the chauffeurs, the vehicle should also be of a smart appearance. Cars used for chauffeuring are typically cleaned and restocked before use. Professional chauffeurs and companies will ensure their vehicles are immaculate for any client wanting to travel with them.

5. Smooth, stress free ride

Monitoring of flights and any other information which can impact on timing needs to be top of mind for a chauffeur company.  This is essential so that your trip is easy, seamless and hassle free.  This means that you can focus on your needs and preparation for the upcoming event or meeting. Chauffeured drivers know the quickest routes which means you don’t need to worry about finding your way.  Their invaluable knowledge of the city means you can sit back and relax, leaving the navigation up to your driver. Your chauffeur also sees to your luggage, enabling you to travel in comfort and in style.

6. Reviews

Recommendations can provide an objective assessment of the standard of services available by the professional car company. As a busy executive, having a knowledgeable driver provides an added advantage, helping to save you time and money, allowing you to focus on the demands of your trip, while your driver gets you timeously to your destination

Additionally, drivers from a quality professional car service will focus on making you as comfortable as possible.

In this way, your chauffeured car service becomes a valuable part of your trip, easing your way and contributing to the successful outcome of your business experience.

Understanding the points above will help you to make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing a chauffeur car service. At PNC Executive Cars, we have a team of professional chauffeurs who have years of experience and knowledge in the industry.

We pride ourselves on offering a high standard of service and we ensure each and every one of our drivers are punctual, organised and dressed smartly.

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