Best Travel Tips And Hacks For Frequent Corporate Traveller’s

Best Travel Tips And Hacks For Frequent Corporate Traveller’s

If you’re frequently on the road for work, use these tips to make the most of your time away from home.

So what are the best travel tips from people who travel all the time?

I put that question to dozens of experienced business travellers, as well as people who make their living planning travel for clients. Here are the top travel tips they suggested.

Business Travel Packing Tips

Use only carry on bags. Lugging a large suitcase through a foreign city or having your luggage lost before your destination is no way to start a business trip. Pack light to keep all your belongings in your allotted carry on bags.

Keep essentials packed between trips. Having extra toiletries, chargers, office supplies and business cards already in your bag can save you time each time you travel

Pack dress shirts in plastic garment bags. The plastic bags your dry cleaning is delivered in can help keep shirts from wrinkling in your suitcase.

Include casual clothes, not just suits. Having business-appropriate clothing is important. However, you’ll likely have time to explore your surroundings on foot and have a casual dinner one night. Packing gym clothes is also important.

Pack with security checkpoints in mind. Depending on where you’re travelling to, you will have to follow various security protocols. Your liquids and electronics should be easily accessible.

Invest in good luggage and accessories. A suitcase that is easy to pack and manoeuvre is worth the investment. A small digital scale that fits in a side pocket can help you avoid costly charges for a suitcase over the airline’s weight limit.

Pack items that help you sleep. Prioritize a pillow, headphones or eye mask to help you sleep while at a hotel or on the plane. A good night of sleep is more important than the fourth pair of shoes. Tips for Smooth Business Travel

Join rewards programs. Take advantage of your corporate travel to gain points or miles on your airline, hotel or travel credit card of choice. You should also choose a credit card without foreign transaction fees.

Charge electronics before you fly. Your phone, laptop and tablet should all have plenty of battery to help you pass time productively in the airport and on your flight. You won’t need to fight for an outlet at your gate either.

Use programs that speed up your travel. Check in to your flights online and print your boarding pass before heading to the airport. Apply for TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry to gain access to faster-moving security and customs around the world.

Book non-stop flights. Layovers lengthen trips. A two or three hour stop mid-trip can mean spending an extra day on the road, waking up earlier than necessary or having a suitcase that didn’t make the same transfer you did.

Pay for an airport lounge membership. Most airlines provide lounges with plenty of food, outlets and quiet space for a reasonable cost. Spend your time waiting for your flight away from the hustle and bustle of everyone waiting for your flight.

Print important confirmation numbers. While no one likes to think about losing their phone, it is possible to run out of battery just as you need your boarding pass or confirmation number. Print your itinerary and keep a copy in each of your bags.

Find (or pack) healthy food. Travel is hard on your body, and you need to continue to do your job well on the road. Packing or buying healthy snacks will help you stay well while travelling.

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