Top Tips Heathrow Airport

Top Tips Heathrow Airport

Are you about to fly into Heathrow airport? Heathrow airport is huge. Read on to learn how to navigate it.

1. Check Your Terminal

Before you leave, and depart for your journey to Heathrow, make sure you have a last-minute check of your terminal.

By checking your terminal beforehand, you’ll know exactly where you need to arrive when you travel to Heathrow.

2. Build in Spare Time

You really don’t want to find yourself in a hurry to catch your flight at Heathrow Airport.

Don’t assume that because you’ve already got your boarding pass printed off and you’re only travelling with hand luggage you don’t need to arrive early.

That may be the appropriate approach for smaller airports, it’s not for Heathrow. You need to consider the traffic on the roads as well.

3. Get the Heathrow Airport Guide App on Your Phone

Heathrow Airport has its own App!

You can download the App for free. This provides you with information about live flight updates with a new tracker service, travel notifications and prompts, plan your onward journey with connections planner, book long stay parking, see the latest offers in shops and restaurants, view maps of the terminal to find your way around, check the weather where you’re going and much more.

4. Tweet @HeathrowAirport

If you have any questions while you’re in the airport, you can always Tweet the social media team @HeathrowAirport.

The nice people at Heathrow will provide you with information about everything from updates about your flight and where to get the best pizza.

5. Live it Up in the Lounge

If you get yourself to Heathrow Airport with plenty of time to spare, you can escape the crowds in one of the many lounges dotted around the airport.

However, unless you have a membership of a loyalty program or you’re travelling business class, you have to pay to enter.

We recommend the No 1 Lounge at terminal 3 to retreat for a couple of hours before your departure.

6. The 15-minute Menu

Imagine you sit down and order your food. You’re still waiting after 30 minutes. This annoying in any restaurant experience, however, when the time is of the essence, it may mean you go hungry.

That’s why you need to check out the 15-minute menu symbols. Restaurants which display this symbol are committed to bringing you your meal in under 15 minutes.

7. What to Look for When Choosing a Airport Transfer Company

You’ve booked your flight for the one-day meeting in Paris got up at 05.00 am the last thing you’ll want to worry about is the reliability of the airport transfer company you have chosen. That is why it is important to seriously consider your options and what different companies can offer you in terms of comfort, efficiency and reliability.

A superior airport transfer company like PNC Executive Cars offers quality transfer vehicles anytime and anywhere their customers request them.

The most important person involved in your airport transfer is your personal chauffeur. Not only do they drive you to and from your destination, but a chauffeur is also one of the first people you meet after your plane lands. The last thing you want to deal with is a disinterested, unprofessional chauffeur who doesn’t engage with you.

When it comes to choosing an airport transfer company, you want one you can trust. You want a successful local company that has been providing quality services to customers for decades. The perfect choice needs to be an airport transfer company with a longstanding reputation as one of the best in the business.

I hope these tips help you on your next trip into or out of Heathrow and if you need to book a airport transfer do get in contact with us at PNC Executive Cars, have safe trip.

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