What is the difference between drivers and chauffeurs?

What is the difference between drivers and chauffeurs?

Find out what the real difference is between taxi drivers and professional chauffeurs.

On the surface, it seems like “chauffeur” is nothing more than a classy way to say “driver” – but that’s not exactly true. Sure, drivers and chauffeurs both get you where you need to go, but the difference between the two is more than a matter of vocabulary – it’s a matter of service.

A driver exists to do one thing: drive you from point A to point B in one piece.

A driver is good when you need quick transportation. Depending on the company, the driver may or may not wear a uniform. After dropping off the customer, the driver’s work is complete.

In comparison, a chauffeur is a highly trained and licensed professional who provides high-end service day and night. A chauffeur wears a professional uniform, drives luxury vehicles, and works according to a schedule or on an on-call basis. A chauffeur completes extensive training, has years of experience driving.

As the chauffeur’s elegant title suggests, he’s more than the guy behind the wheel. He’s a consummate professional who is not only going to get you where you need to go safely.

Unlike a driver, a chauffeur is there to serve you, not cart you around like luggage – but he will carry your luggage, if you’d like. He’ll get the door for you. He’ll take the scenic route if you want to see the sights, or he’ll get you directly to your meeting with plenty of time to spare. The choice is always yours.

A chauffeur takes pride in what he does. His suit is clean and crisp. He carries himself with subtle dignity. His vehicle is clean and stocked with all the amenities you’d like.

A professional chauffeur is also trustworthy. Discrete. You’re an important person. You have a lot going on. Need to take a private phone call in the back of the car? That phone call stays private.

So when you’re choosing between a driver and a chauffeur, you need to ask yourself one thing:

“Do I just want to get somewhere, or do I want to be treated to a safe and comfortable ride?

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