Why I’ve Started Using PNC Executive Cars For Airport Transfers

Why I’ve Started Using PNC Executive Cars For Airport Transfers

I try to avoid taxis at airports

I’ve had horrible luck with taxies over the years. From drivers nearly falling asleep on me, to drivers getting lost (even in a city with supposedly the most competent cabbies), to drivers taking me the long way, it seems that more often than not getting from the airport to the hotel or office in a taxi is an adventure.

When you’re coming off a long flight the last thing you want to do is get in an argument with a driver, be in an unsafe car, or wait in a long line.

I used to use Uber for airport pick-ups, though increasingly am finding this to be a not-great option:

Many airports don’t allow Uber to do airport pick-ups

When you’re in a foreign country there’s often a huge communication barrier when it comes to actually meeting up with your Uber driver at the airport

Increasingly I’m finding Uber drivers play games when it comes to airport pick-ups (or something)

Let me give a couple of examples. In Colombo, Sri Lanka, a few months ago, I ordered an Uber on arrival. The outside roadway by the airport isn’t that big, and the driver’s location showed as being near where I was. There weren’t that many cars, so I figured I had to be missing something. I texted the driver, he texted back where he was, and I went there. Long story short, I spent 20 minutes trying to find him, and in the end I just canceled the ride. I’m not sure if this was a game and he just wanted the cancelation fee, or what.

A couple of months ago at Heathrow I tried to order an Uber from Terminal 3. All the Uber drivers at Heathrow seem to park in one area off the airport premises, and it’s a good 10 minutes until they get to the terminal. Four times in a row drivers canceled on me about 10 minutes after accepting my ride — it took nearly an hour before I was in an Uber. What a waste of time.

Why I use PNC Executive Cars for airport transfers

PNC Cars are useful because it’s consistently compareable price than what you’d pay for an airport pick-up from a black cab, yet it’s so much more reliable and practical than trying to be picked up at the airport in an Uber. The driver will be waiting for you in the terminal with a sign (if that’s where you want to be met), and you’ll be driven in a nice, air conditioned car (usually a Mercedes Benz E-Class, Jaguar or equivalent).

Maybe it’s a sign of how easy my travels have become thanks to things like TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry, but often the most stressful part of a travel experience nowadays is the process of getting from the arrivals hall to my hotel, and PNC Cars takes the stress out of that.

Would I use PNC Cars in a city with great public transportation? Maybe not.

Would I use PNC Cars for a ride to an airport? yes because I like the option of leaving whenever I want, and they work to my to schedule so i can book a ride in advance or short notice.

Is PNC Cars a good option for someone who is looking for the best possible option from the airport to the hotel? Yes.

But if you value reliability and a hassle-free experience getting to your hotel, I think PNC Cars is great. As someone who used to often spring for a hotel car, I’ve fallen in love with PNC Cars — they are reliable, and basically provide an experience that’s on par with some of the best companies across the world.

Furthermore, I also find the process of arranging a PNC Cars car to be easier than arranging a hotel car or dealing with a black cab. To arrange a hotel car I either have to call the hotel or send the hotel an email, and often you have to go back and forth by email. Heck, some hotels don’t even publish their email addresses on their websites. In the case of PNC Cars I can put in my request for a car before boarding my international flight, and then consistently the car will be there when I arrive.

Bottom line

PNC Cars won’t make sense for everyone, and that’s fine. As someone who used to find it worthwhile to sometimes pay for a hotel transfer from an black cab outside the airport, PNC Cars has been awesome. PNC Cars are easy to use, cheaper than a black cab (and typically cheaper than UberBLACK), everything is included, and I’ve had good experiences with the service so far.

If you haven’t yet given PNC Cars a try, I’d recommend doing so.

July 08, 2019 by Andrew Hudson

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